You Get What You Get

You Get What You Get

A multi-tiered panel discussion on what artists need in Austin
part of EAST 2009

Tuesday November 17, 2009 from 7-9pm
Blue Theater
916 Springdale Rd.
Austin, TX 78702

Tier 0: The Instigator
Salvador Castillo, of the art blog ‘Bout What I Sees, will introduce the event.

Tier 1: The Panel
Cross-section of half a dozen artists in different stages of an arts career in Austin will answer “What do you need to stay and work in Austin?”

Rebecca Marino (BA, St. Edwards University)
Cecelia Phillips (MFA, University of Texas at Austin)
Wura-Natasha Ogunji (MFA, San Jose State University)
William Hundley (BFA, Southwest Texas State aka Texas State University)
Jeffrey Dell (MFA, University of New Mexico)
Ishmael Soto (MFA, Cranbrook Academy of Art)

Tier 2: The Respondents
In response to the artists’ needs, representatives from local organizations will present their services, question the demands, raise concerns and generally offer different perspectives.

Tier 3: The Audience
You are invited to witness the forum, use it as a focus group and add to the discussion at will.

To get you in the mood for the evening, a reading list:
PORT: Taking Full Stock of the Portland art scene Part 1
BIG RED & SHINY: How to start & run an alternative gallery space
my Delicious bookmarks of “PopUp Galleries”
NYTIMES: All Dressed Up Like Art Galleries
Why Austin is #7 in “Online Giving”


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