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  1. I would like to start a gallery in my home to display art. What are the City of Austin’s rules about doing that legally? Do you have to have a permit? Is there someone who has a gallery in their home that you can direct me to by giving me their phone or email so I can ask them questions? Please I hope you can give me some information. Thanks. Rose

  2. Do it. Show stuff you like, not stuff you’re supposed to like. Once it starts going well, people will tell you you’re doing it wrong. Ignore them. Make it easy for the customers. Assume that the artists will be flaky and try not to take it personal when they are. I think garage sale rules apply until you start making it big. Email me and I’ll help you with some promotion.

  3. I am thrilled to read the comments on Mr. Fairy (Sp).
    Saw the show at the ICA in Boston. I could not agree more with you. There are fines for every poster that he placed…..the ICA has one on the outside of their building.
    I guess the only way for an artist to gain instant recognition is to work all the streets: perhaps strew garbage everywhere or hang dead animal carcasses in the subway. I have a few other thoughts too vulgar to express here.
    Everyone is gaga over him. These are the same people that are rabid ecologists, etc. It seems the art world and the public are increasingly ignorant of what good art is all about. Thanks for being there. Roseann

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