One comment on “When I Was Your Age…

  1. from my email a couple of weeks ago:

    “Dear arts supporters,

    We did it!
    Late last night, the AISD board voted to adopt the district’s 5-year Strategic Plan, including our full recommended language for Fine Arts:

    “Increase access and support for high quality Fine Arts instruction as part of a strong core academic curriculum for all students.”

    Many, many thanks to everyone who took the time to send an email or fill out the online survey. Your voices definitely made the critical difference!

    Kudos also to filmmaker Rick Linklater, retired judge Scott McCown, and Travis County Commissioner Sarah Eckhardt for their powerful guest op ed that ran in yesterday’s Statesman. This piece was definitely key in focusing community and school board attention on the importance of Fine Arts. It’s copied in below for those of you who missed it.

    Again, many thanks to everyone who supported this effort. Because of you, Austin students will enjoy a brighter, more creative future!

    Susan Moffat
    Co-chair, Friends of the McCallum Fine Arts Academy”

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