6 comments on “I Got What I Got

  1. After the discussion i spoke with a woman that had gone out of town to make multiple art purchases. She said that she would buy local art if it was easy and fun to shop for. She said that if Austin had a strip/area of galleries that she could walk through she would buy but she found it too much of a hassle to hunt down galleries and artist all around town to find what she likes.

    • That’s pretty lame. looking for the fun, interesting stuff is part of the point, right? It doesn’t really take too much time to explore the relatively few options you have when it comes to art, also, a lot can be accomplished online.

  2. At first I wanted to roll my eyes at this woman. Much like John’s response I was thinking it doesn’t take much energy to see things in Austin.

    But this is business we’re talking about. And I start remembering my complaints about galleries and their operations.
    Lets assume that a gallery stocks and exhibits good art. When are gallery hours? Where is it located? If I purchase it what are my assurances/ do I get a receipt/ can I exchange the work? Is this a reputable business?

    Having an ‘arts district’ would solve some of these problems. Businesses, proprietors, vendors have been doing some version of this all over Austin; SoCo, Westend (6th St.), Armadillo Art Bazaar, Blue Genie Art Bazaar, EAST. They share marketing/visibility while maintaining a history of business operations. Art Palace & Okay Mountain also did this with the now defunct Donkey Show.
    People now talk about hitting Domy, Birdhouse, Okay Mountain and Art Palace for an afternoon of art on the eastside.

    The question is whether there can be real estate attractive enough and galleries interested enough in creating this for consumers that have stayed hidden to artists for so long…

    • The world turns. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Winter gives way to summer…

      We do what we do.

      Hopefully artists will challenge themselves and each other to make better work. Work that will incite real dialogue.

      Hopefully (aspiring) gallerists will gather and promote these works. Acting as catalysts for discussion and income.

      Hopefully institutions continue to make their knowledge-base more accessible. UT brings in Art21 caliber artists every year. How can we leverage their presence to benefit more people?

      Hopefully administrators garner more support for their programs, which in turn benefit artists.

      Hopefully (aspiring) critics and curators will talk about and contextualize what is happening visually. Bringing in challenging work and exporting quality local work. Bringing attention to what is happening here.

      For me, I vow to continue to listen and watch and instigate discussion when/where its needed.
      1st step: Write up report of “You Get What You Get”

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