9 comments on “Earth Day

  1. I applaud the action, but remain highly skeptical….


    Contemporary art is “contextless”, not serious? Cultural work doesn’t have impact on peoples lives and thinking? It doesn’t provide alternate meanings or allow for discovery, it doesn’t instill a sense of wonder? Its not an act of individual liberty that has value outside of the market context? The only way to contribute is through using recycled materials, organizing the “community”, and shedding your name and the label “artist”?

  2. the meadow blinked on our radar as a “pop-up space” a couple weeks back… coincidentally, one of our co-founders moved away from Tucson to take on NYC and landed in Bed-Stuy earlier this month

  3. @ezimmerman
    I think this discussion can go in a couple of different directions, but lets start at the beginning. What are you skeptical of, the project or the artist’s intent? I think of them as having different trajectories.


  4. I am skeptical of the project and the all or nothing manifesto that seems to accompany it. I am all for pieces/actions like this, but not for the Utopian notion that unless art engages community and attempts to change the world than it is devoid of power and value.

    • My understanding of the project is that it is being conducted not as an art project, not under the auspices of an artist, but as a project benefiting the community and organized by someone who is an artist/practices art.
      Ms. Fisher seems to be saying that although she is an artist, it is not imperative that everything she undertakes has to be interpreted or understood as an attempt to make art. A re-contextualization of what she does or what she wants to do that has just recently ‘clicked’.

      If you, as an artist, eat cereal in the morning, is that a performance or is that breakfast?

      Of course, I say this without Ms. Fisher’s authority and say it filtered through my own perspective. She’s trying to save the world, not with art but with creative projects.

  5. I read the post ezimmerman refers to, and I donʻt think it is utopian at all.

    Contemporary art doesnʻt inspire much wonder in me either. It generally comes up short. Its goals are very narrow. Sheʻs not being utopian, sheʻs calling art out on being lame. Thereʻs nothing in the post that says that what sheʻs doing is the only way to do things, or that she can tell you about this grand unified vision of life without art. Instead, the author seemed to be genuinely searching for something unknown.

  6. salvo – Just breakfast. Ah, saving the world…I think i am just misinterpreting the intentions a little, reading them through the art lens rather than the social change/action glasses. After a re-read it is all a little clearer and i am not as skeptical.

    momo – I will concede that her post is not as Utopian as my initial impression lead me to believe. But, I just flat out disagree that contemporary arts goals are narrow, i am not even sure how you can begin to argue that point beyond huge generalities. The same goes for arguing that art is lame. Most art doesn’t inspire wonder in me either, but on occasion it does, and those moments are invaluable, enriching, and change the way i see and perceive entire portions of the world. This is something i always remember when i am tempted to make blanket statements about the merits of art.

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