3 comments on “Stupid Is As Stupid Does

  1. of course i missed all of this, typical, but also there is a difference between looking to cubism and painting something that looks like braque in 2009. maybe this is what you meant and i just misunderstood you.

  2. Diego was saying that he didn’t feel comfortable with printmaking, since he didn’t have a deep knowledge of its history. He was saying that this may lead to someone doing something as stupid as “creating” cubism in the present day, not understanding that it had already been done. (just to clarify)

  3. @sarah Yes there is a difference. Yes that is what I meant.

    @amanda Thank you for the clarification.
    Phong Bui seemed to say that he tried to “create” or recreate Ryder. He then copied other artists until he began creating work where he understood what he was doing. He was able to take in all of the history and digest it.

    I kinda see their arguments as two sides of the same coin.

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