2 comments on “Fuck Fairey

  1. i believe people should really question why they selected fairey to be the poster boy. recycled propaganda to attract the youth vote. nice move.

    from adbuster post:

    In a video interview that appeared in the Ovation Network documentary, Art or Not, Gleason compared Fairey’s art to advertisments for Coca-Cola, saying; “They’re both on the street, they’re both promoting a brand, and at the end of the day, it’s a very empty experience.” Gleason went on to say that, “I think that the art experience is to raise someone’s consciousness, and at the end of the day the Shepard Fairey experience is to promote the brand of Shepard Fairey as a corporate entity, so I don’t consider it art. He is about the furthest thing from art there is.”

    more at : http://www.adbusters.org/blogs/aesthetico/blog_did_fairey_steal_magic.html

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