2 comments on “Vote For Me

  1. I’m a bit more concerned about who our next President will be. Obama has said a lot of great things about the arts and funding. But he also has Shepard Fairey as his official artist. Fairey is a known art thief and copyright violator. Obama won’t make a stand against the orphan works bill. Add up the facts and it could equal the rights of artists being stripped.

  2. We, the people of the United States of America, are not a democracy. We are a constitutional republic.

    I understand all the hoopla about the presidential race. After all, it is a chance to “kill your father”: Powell Endorses Obama, “I think we need a president who is a generational change.”

    I’m cool with that, but the president is only one of the officials we can elect. We get 2 Senators and 32 Representatives in the US Congress for Texas. That’s 3 legislative reps to 1 executive rep.

    Sometimes the Federal government is too big to see the smaller things that matter to us. That’s okay because your state also has laws and representatives for you. There are 31 Texas Senators and 150 Texas Representatives. You elect one of each plus the Governor and Lt. Governor. That’s 2 legislative reps to 2 executive reps.
    Maybe our state can lead the way in protecting appropriate rights copyright and otherwise. Just look at California, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

    Don’t count on just one high ranking official. Get as many people on your side as you can.

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