5 comments on “I Sees ex-Austin

  1. Thanks for the mention. Did you get to Dallas to see the show? Heck, it was my show and I didn’t get to spend enough time with it! But it was delightful to see it all up in one space… and MK and Hugo from the gallery were great.

  2. Good news for you, perhaps.
    It makes me wonder what will happen to the community that you galvanized with Austin Figurative Gallery. I’m pretty sure you inspired the sessions at Pump Project with Doug Weber and Scott Ewen, but they don’t maintain an exhibition schedule nor the energy that you added to Austin.

    I don’t believe you started AFG only for yourself. And even though I stopped looking at AFG for something that wasn’t there, I commend, congratulate and use you as an example of successfully creating community in what is usually an antagonistic environment.

    Congratulations and best of luck on the next phase of your life.

  3. Doug and I have been at it for about 4 months now after AFG moved of the horse barn so please give it some time. Several of the people drawing with us are from AFG and the energy is very much the same but it takes time for word to spread and people to get in the groove.

    As for exhibitions, we can’t use the Pump gallery every weekend but we do have their backing and will be having our first show there on Saturday November 8th. As David would say, it’s ok to come and have a good time.

    David’s tirelessness, energy and endless inspiration for many people will certainly leave a void in the Austin scene and I for one will miss him very much but AFG will live on through Aaron Schachter.

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