7 comments on “You cannot do a kindness too soon, …

  1. Everyone underestimates the difficulty of building these online systems. They think they can do it in house, but it usually backfires. I do truly hope they get something working for this year.

    Chris Jagers, CEO

  2. No they aren’t. We have tried contacting them for the last year, with no response (not even to discuss options)… very weird. Nevertheless, I am a huge advocate for the Texas Biennial, so I hope they figure it out.

    Chris Jagers, CEO

  3. well, i have to say, i checked your product out and i think it’s great. physical submissions can be kind of a pain and submitting via the web is a pretty welcome change, at least for me. pretty much everyone maintains a web site of one kind or another and being able to simply link from that (or upload from that) makes keeping track of everything that much easier.

    i would think it would make things easier for a gallery or organization as well.

  4. But wait! There’s more!

    Call now and receive a pair of slideframe earrings and a gorgeous compact disk necklace!

    (In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been a fan of Slideroom since its inception. You can find the link under Art Resources to the right –>)

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