4 comments on “I Wanna Be Curator/ Curatorial Idol 2

  1. I think it would be an awesome show ( too bad I got cut) ; ) but, I would say Gisela and her work are incredible and she is actually a good friend of mine from grad school in Chicago… her work has some connections to mine ( or mine to hers) but, she explores landscape in a different way than my work does. Miguel Cortez, Edra Soto and Gisela Insuaste just had a landscape show in the Midwest -check out Miguel Cortez’s website for some links and images.

  2. Thank you both.

    Ms. Briceno,
    I keep tabs on Mr. Cortez and I have already seen his blog entry for that landscape show. It looks good and wish I could see it in person.
    Mr. Cortez was another artist I considered because of his work at MFA Gallery in Dallas last year.

  3. Yeah Gisela is awesome(so is Ms. Candace). Gisela is curating a show this October at my Chicago art space called Antena. I’ll post pics of it later int he year. Keep up the good artblog work!!

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