11 comments on ““Wanna Believe My Own Hype…” pt 2

  1. at lunch yesterday i went down and read the window of art house. i also read the write up in the chron. now i’ve read this.

    do i really need to go see it?

    baconbutt is a myth

  2. I think the rest of the performances are sold out. But my suggestion is that you should see any artwork for yourself so you can make up your own mind about what you think of it. Of course that isn’t always possible and reviews are the accepted alternative.

  3. well, my time is very limited so it’s a good bet i won’t be able to see it. but it does sound interesting.

    btw, i have a show next friday at AFG during the refraction arts fest. drop by if you can stomach, drawing, painting and figures.

    there will be butoh!

  4. Mr. Ohlerking,

    Please remove my name from your right winged lips. You have been sufficiently and publicly educated about and embarrassed by your denials about the existence of global warming. End of story.

    I cannot understand why you continue to bring me up in discussion on art blogs as though you were Ann Coulter and I were John Edwards.

    If you have something substantive to say or discuss, then you can refer to me but please do so in a somewhat respectful manner.

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