5 comments on ““Wanna Believe My Own Hype But It’s Too Untrue”

  1. Was it really important to complain about parking and not finding the water fountain when others are criticizing the narrative? I just figured that if I can be super at anything, it would be fluous.

    One day I’ll proof prove to Anjali that I can write real criticism. Until then, welcome to my blog.

  2. “Our Time is Coming Soon” is the best example of the High Dials finding a great song and then, quickly losing it. The song itself, a sort of call to optimism, starts with a ferocious energy that is missing from other cuts. The song, initially, keeps up interest, but then it dissolves into a pretentious bridge where the words “our time” are whispered-sung in beat with the music. It is saved by a violent, maximum overdrive climax that brings the song to a close. Except that it doesn’t. The band continues for over a minute past the song’s natural end point, overstretching the climax to the point of tedium.

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