16 comments on “Where’s My Spotlight?

  1. “el gordo is the man, la flaca is the lady. What’s so confusing ’bout that?”

    the costumes and hand waving.

  2. Ivan invents puzzles out of non sequiturs to seek congruence in seemingly incongruous situations. Go ahead, inhabit those interstitial spaces between understanding and confusion.

  3. I saw the show, and Jaime—I did not appreciate your assertion that all female artists are “stitchers not pitchers.” Furthermore, I am enraged not to be invited as everyone knows my blog contains the most serious art criticism east of MLK.

  4. DRAMA!!
    I must have really upset Ali if she is calling me such horrible names. Why does that name keep popping up? It’s not like he’s done anything in three years?

    ezimmerman, you’re not too old ’cause then that would make me too old.

  5. Sorry Salvador, I was confused, this asshat “Jaime” was on a different channel—I think he was a pundit on the O’Reilly Factor or something.

  6. oh wow: “asshat.” i haven’t heard that since i was in austin! as of now, it is my goal to popularize that word across the southeastern United States!

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