5 comments on “Get Off My Case, Toilet Face

  1. What first night piece are you referring to? I was unaware that there was any installation destruction this year…

  2. I think Becka Ward’s tape thing got messed up because people lacked the intellectual sophistication to realize what it was. Some beauty is not immediately apparent to the general public. Or maybe her piece was contributing to Global Warming and had to be dismantled by activists.

  3. whew,
    Thanks for bailing me out Mr. Ohlerking. I was afraid I had stepped into Rumorland.
    I had assumed it was common knowledge and I was debating on contacting the artist for a firsthand account.
    Like my little sister once said, “You shouldn’t assume. Because then you make an ASS out of U and I”

    Sorry for the delayed response. I’m working on weening myself from the blogging.
    But the main idea concerning First Night is that I believe they should reconsider their reliance on volunteers. Or at least secure enough commitments before the holiday festivities. Big events require a lot of man-power. Maybe some compensation is necessary.

  4. Your sister ain’t such a good speller. Glad to be of service. Good luck with the weening, soon you’ll be a weener. Dependance on volunteers is one of the things that drives me nuts about churches and art non-profits both. I’m with you on the need for compensation.

  5. I think Cantanker had its place in time when it began. There’ve been many changes (I’m an optimist, so I say mostly for the better) in the local art scene and its relationship with the media and the public since then, and I think a bit of that change has to do with the issues Cantanker blew open, rather than just informal conversational venting between artists, in its first edition. Although I haven’t kept up with it much or gotten into Odic just yet, so I have no comment as far as either’s relevancy in the here and now.
    Questioning the nature of criticism and if it’s well-written is natural when you get up there, and you realize, hey, we’re It.

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