4 comments on “Basic Training: Cool Down

  1. “if you want to work with a gallery, you can’t go around bad mouthing one. The first panel let us know that they keep in touch and often refer artists they believe will work with the other’s program. A bad reputation will precede you.”

    Play Ball. If you see steroid use, don’t mention it, it will be better for your career.

  2. @Ohlerking
    I’m going to assume you are referring to the comments left on Glasstire’s messageboards & comments sections and not the Glasstire writers. Glasstire exists just like any other publication. They try to disseminate information and sometimes they have to put up with difficult people in order to get the discussions going. But if things get out of hand, “The Fourth Circle” helps out.
    I’d go as far as saying that Glasstire doesn’t WANT to deal with difficult people. They just tolerate them enough to have art discussions.

    I think I understand what you’re saying, but you’re twisting my thoughts. I’m not asking for complacency. I want people to be aware that rejection from one gallery is not worth destroying your chances with others.

    If there is some inappropriate behavior, then you are welcome to blow the whistle.

  3. I’m referring to all of Glasstire. Glasstire is all about snarkiness. It was named for one of the most difficult/snarky artists ever, and he was proud ot if. Glasstire=difficult people, but somehow I still find that I want to deal with them. They have told me that they don’t want to deal with me, but I don’t think it was over me being difficult as much as it was over me being uncool and too busy. You yourself are difficult, but yet I still deal with you. Call me crazy. And it don’t get no difficulter than Michael Schliefke and I can’t quit him either.

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