4 comments on “Basic Training With New Art Austin

  1. I didn’t mean to say that I’m keeping a list, and check people’s attendance. But showing that you’re part of a community to me seems like an important thing. Supporting other people’s openings and art in Austin in general is important. Most people don’t give a fuck about art, and it upsets me when artists don’t seem to give a fuck about other people’s art. Basically, it’s not a head count, it’s a call for community and a show of commitment to art (practice and appreciation).

  2. What if people like to see art on their own time, and don’t view openings as the best opportunity to actually see the art? Are you watching the security tapes too? What if you miss someone?

  3. You appear to have missed the humor in my post. FAIL.

    If I like a band I go see them at the time they have been booked to play by the venue, usually a one night show. If I want to enjoy them on my own time I buy a recording. It’s really that easy with art from my place, too. For realz.

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