4 comments on “This Is Not “House of Yes”

  1. Don’t forget my show at ArtPalace on your listings. It opens tomorrow, January 18th.
    Go to the art palace website for more info.

    Best Wishes,
    Brad Tucker

  2. Are you saying you don’t have standards?
    I’m just kidding, I’m just kidding!

    You show ALOT of artists in your venue. I’m glad you do, just wish it wasn’t every week. The kids want to know who their dad is ; ]

    If any of these were isolated instances, I wouldn’t think twice. Hard working artists are getting their due. I know you were working Davis for a while before he agreed to show you. So you don’t have to explain yourself to me.

    But the fact that organizers & directors are getting show times, and around the same time, it starts to smell suspiciously like nepotism.

    Doesn’t it?

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