3 comments on “September 2007 SeeSawS – Wks 1 & 2

  1. “Ms. Phillips was painting the photos as the two artists had agreed. But Mr. Sanford….” This is a confusing pair of sentences – the “but” seems to imply that I did not paint the photos as we, the two artists, had agreed; or it implies that I did not paint the photos at all – both are untrue. The whole idea behind the show was that two painters with radically different techniques – hers direct, mine indirect – would paint identical motifs as a way of highlighting the differences in technique. That was in fact the agreement between the two artists, so I’m confused by the sentences quoted above, which seem to imply that there was some other agreement which I did not adhere to.
    Or perhaps you mean to say that because I use a computer to separate images into process color channels to generate my maquettes, I am not ‘really painting’ the photos? Please clarify.

  2. Sorry for my bad grammar. I didn’t mean to imply that you didn’t adhere to your agreement. Nor did I want to say you’re “not really” painting.

    Quite the opposite actually. I see your work stepping into a pool inhabited by Chris Ashley and William Betts. Except that you are forcing your hand to create that which is now done digitally for us. (With the help of the computer)

    Of course I might be kinda cheating. These paintings were completed before your submission to Radical Nautical, right? That Friedrich repro painting felt more complete in terms of image, intent, technique, etc. Although I believe you are still in early stages of investigation, because you are playing with print (CMYK), digital (RGB) and painting issues all rolled up into one. I think that’s a lot to be tackling.

    And if it hadn’t been for your comment, I wouldn’t have noticed I rated it incorrectly.

  3. No, the Long-Distance Relationship paintings were mostly (3/5) completed after the Friedrich copy. The major reason the ‘Das Eismeer’ is a better painting is that it has a stronger motif.
    Thanks for answering my question, and for the kind words.

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