4 comments on “The Focused Totality of My Internet Prowess

  1. I’ve been thinking that collaborations with other artists (dancers, actors, etc.) might help with that.

    As an actor with a keen affinity for the visual arts, how might this happen?

  2. Je ne sais pas, but AFG/ Spankdance and Fusebox are good beginnings. I thinks it is just a matter of artists going to plays and performances (paid seats) and actors, dancers, etc going to art openings and maybe buying a piece that they like. It should be organic, nothing forced like the Art Spark competition (which I haven’t seen, so maybe I shouldn’t say anything).

    Getting the different disciplines together is the hard part. I’ve been aching to check out some dance performances, but my schedule is just so packed… But that is why I am encouraging the dialogue. Some persons have got to come together and have an “Aha!” moment.

  3. There’s a healthy improv scene here as well, and I’ve been thinking for a while that there’s good potential for a crossover with certain elements of that scene and also visual art scene, especially people working with video.

  4. It can definitely be done. Hell, my fellow commenter, Shannon McCormick opened up an evening of the No Shame Theater for me to curate a few years back. I put together two performance pieces and pulled together some others and a good time was had by all. Those types of collaborations seem to fit quite naturally. People who went to see pieces in the tradition of conventional theater were able to see performance art and those going to see the performance art pieces were treated to some short theatrical pieces.

    But you can’t assume things like this are a perfect match. When I lived in Dallas I was invited to put together a performance piece for the “Barefoot Brigade” which was an annual contemporary-dance oriented show. As I was the only performance artist on the bill, the audience was very confused and the reviews of the show said that performance art has no place in a contemporary dance show.

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