6 comments on “I Wanna Be Curator/ Curatorial Idol

  1. Hey man,

    I love this entry. I too have been fantasizing about doing some curating again. It’s been a while but I don’t think the bug ever leaves you once you’ve done it. The fantasy show you propose is quite impressive too! As an installation artist who works with clothing I have to say I’m most impressed with Guerra de la Paz’ work. It was kind of eerie to see in their work some ideas that had come to me recently. Doh! Don’t you hate when that happens? I You definitely have a good eye and sensibilities. What’s keeping you from curating?

    michael me

  2. Hey michael me,

    Thanks for the kind words. I’m trying to figure out how to turn this into a game. I mean I still want to try to do some more Battles, but I also think this a fun exercise to spur some dialogue.

    Thanks for your recap of your trip on your blog. Reading your response to Bautista’s work, I’m curious to find out your thoughts on Nicola Constantino and her work at Volitant last year. I think you should try out your ideas anyways. They may come from the same concept and even look the same, but I’d guess that your imprint would differentiate it enough.

    I’m competitive and egotistical. If I curate, its got to be done right and super badass. Plus, aren’t I doing enough already?
    I guess I could do a little more. But curating just doesn’t pay the bills. It would have to be some pretty sweet circumstances.

  3. If you’d like this to be more than an exercise in speculation, I’d be happy to sponsor this show at MASS sometime in the winter. It’s an awesome set of artists and I happen to know Hank Thomas personally. We went to Skowhegan together and I gave him some feedback on his “Winter in American” project while he was still editing it. I might have enough swing to get him in the show, but the rest will be up to you. Let’s talk sometime.


  4. It’s just like Fantasy Football.

    Message to Boutman:
    if you and Aaron (nice to meet you Aaron) are serious about the show I would love to help but only if you change you’re pants.

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