3 comments on “Hero Training

  1. Hey, I sent you an email about this. I have been thinking alot about neutral events and choice, and what influences our choices. Art is part of culture, so I wouldn’t say this isn’t art related. I have too many thoughts to put down here and I tend to ramble…


  2. pmonk sent me an email. This is what he wrote:


    I believe we have met and talked a few times at openings at Else Madsen and such. I was reading your latest post, and am going to read the links and more in depth, but was just thinking about some stuff you said related to my particular experiences at work. As you may or may not remember, in addition to doing art, I work as a teacher and our student population is some of the same ones that you’re are talking about as being prime targets to recruitment and all for the army. I am not endorsing or discouraging the army as a choice for people, as it is not my place or desire to do so. You seem to be asking what it is that appeals about their approach. Also this that you wrote is particularly pertinent:

    “I know public health, safety and education are not as important as having the fastest import vehicle, the rarest pair of sneakers, or the fanciest, yet to be released dress, but why aren’t those public services as savvy as the military? Keep that hero local.”

    At work, we often talk about and try to build “character” but really it is self respect and a recognition that people are making a choice. Empowerment if you will, instead of being a victim to whatever, and action instead of reaction. I try to give students a chance at empowerment through artistic expression, self publishing, or whatever avenue seems appropriate. Hopefully some of that will trickle out to the community, but I don’t know. There is much to discuss and examine here.


  3. Actually, I think I know what the appeal is about their approach. Its all about being a man. A manly man. One badass mutherfuckah who will fight on the frontlines, take out three dozen enemies while carrying a fallen brother on his shoulders. “Shaft!”

    What I was trying to ask was, why aren’t the firefighters or more importantly the police force taking a more aggressive recruitment strategy? Instead of killing everybody they could emphasize how they help and defend everybody using the same uber-heroic language and imagery. And mothers would get the added benefit of knowing their sons are closer to home. Plus, we might see more diversity and shift the culture of fear to one of mutual respect with law enforcement.

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