6 comments on “I think I got it?

  1. Michael Tole’s painting was amazing. It was easily one of the best at the show. My concern is that only 4, I believe (I was a bit tipsy), of the 104 paintings sold and of those 4 most if not all were under $1000. I seriously doubt Hunting was able to raise very much money for the SIRE charity they were sponsoring. All and all a good event and I’ll be submitting next year.

  2. Nice point about the trouble with corporate support.
    I believe Hunting raised money for SIRE through an auction – that happened right after the prize was awarded – of sports tickets, trips, etc. not the sale of the work. Artists were able to keep all of the proceeds if they happened to find a buyer.

  3. Mr. Anderson,
    You’re starting to sound like a recording. haha

    What do you guys think of trying to get artists to play the numbers, instead of depending on government/ corporate support?

  4. Ah, yes that is correct, they do match a portion.

    I think it would be great if artists could organize themselves in such a way that not only created a financial support structure, but gave them a voice within the larger social context. However, i would not take the job of trying to get a large group of artists to agree, stop competing with one another, and then get organized. It is a nice idea though.

    The Artist Pension Trust is also an interesting idea that invests in what artists do best.

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