5 comments on “THE CHAMPEEN: Outta Site, Outta Mind by Salvador Castillo

  1. Sorry, I think Dominick does a better job of placing the reader in the space and elucidating what the work actually looks like and what it evokes. Additionally, without reading his review yours makes almost no sense- Who is the artist? What is the show and the individual pieces? Your review makes almost no mention of this information.

  2. they’re both a bit too cerebral on some level, maybe trying too hard? i do have to agree with the Art Farmer’s comment above about the second one being a bit more tangible though. my vote goes for the second review. neither one was bad though.. kudos to you both.

  3. Too cerebral?
    I agree, but thats how the show was. In fact, I believe all of the works shown in Workspace have been cerebral. Those exhibits, like the shows at testsite, are academic presentations. I enjoy looking and thinking about them, but I wonder about its reception by the general or novice public.
    In terms of material, I don’t know if there is much to discuss. I mean, what else can you say about a wool felt suit?

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