6 comments on “Texas Biennial 2007 – DAC

  1. Who would pull the plug on the Simpsons? What may immediately read as black is often not…..kind of like Ad Reinhardt or the subtle variations in a shadow. I hate seeing people fly past his work. I would like to invite you to my show at Gallery Lombardi April 13th. I can only hope that my work might slow your eye a bit. See you there.

  2. Thank you both for visiting.

    [in my best Agent Smith imitation] Mister Anderson,
    I will indeed drop by Lombardi tonight. But I don’t know if my eye can go any slower. I am very aware that it wasn’t black (just in comparison to the yellow it is).

    Ms. Duval,
    My mind on the other hand might be too slow. Maybe another visit to the DAC will get me to the light.

  3. Your mind is not too slow. In short : the video represents a child running to escape a deadly threat. In the aftermath of a sudden event the memory is frozen, the kid falls into a state of dumbness where his mental health is compromised.
    I hope this gives you some answers.

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