3 comments on “Happy Happy Joy Joy

  1. Yes, that indeed was me – tiffany carbonneau – just wanted to let you know so you didn’t lose any sleep over it. :) You can check out my website if you still don’t believe me. There is a picture of me on the contact page. I didn’t pick up the bottle, I just tried to gently flick the moth off of it. Which actually didn’t work. The moth was oddly attracted to my bottles and wouldn’t budge. He’s probably still there.

  2. Aha ha ha!
    Don’t flatter yourself. My lack of sleep has nothing to do with you ;]
    Actually, it does include you. Humh. Well its not because of the moth. Everyone will find out why soon enough. I’m glad you found the site, thats the real reason I went looking for you.

    I have found that moths are attracted to light. An easy solution to your pest problem is to build a pyre encompassing your work. Then voila! No more moths.

    Ok people, stop talking to me. I’m getting tired of myself making jokes.

  3. Dude … don’t feel bad (as if you did?) about what you said. I did the same thing that night previous to seeing you over at the AMoA last Thursday at this Photo exhibit. The artist there wasn’t as nice to me.

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