2 comments on “I Sees Austin…

  1. wow how in the world did you know about Polvo.org? they are one of the coolest galleries in Chicago if you ask me. I’m going to coordinate a Video Festival with them this summer, mind if i post the info to you for a call for entries late april?

    anyhow thanks for posting this link sorry i just found out about it.

  2. ‘Cause I’m Boutman! How did you know ’bout them?

    You see the hand gestures up on the header? Thats how I harness my powers.
    I first discovered this incredible gift during high school. I was totally goth/ emo punk and was totally stalking cheerleaders. I just needed some love, thats all. When a freak explosion in the chemistry lab catalyzed my ability to research names on the internet.

    I no longer lust for women, money or power. I have since been rehabilitated and now only use my powers for good. Now I just want to be an artist and stalk other artists.
    my precioussssssss

    Uh, yeah. I guess. You could post it under Lemme Sees.

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