One comment on “February ’07 Shows

  1. Jaime,

    MASS has two events/openings in February that I’d like to tell you about.

    On February 16th, at 8pm, we will host the MASS Views Video Series #1. Curated by Erick Michaud, the screening of short videos presents works from 18 emerging and established artists including of William Wegman, Michael Smith, David Askevold, Regina Vater, and many more.


    Refraction Arts and MASS Gallery is proud to present Popular Hallucinations for the Home, featuring the paintings of Michael Berryhill (Austin, TX), Mira Dancy (Brooklyn, NY), Virginia Yount (Austin, TX), and in collaboration with writing by Karen Davidson (Austin, TX).

    • Opening reception February 17, 7-11pm
    • On view February 17- March 3
    • Closing reception March 3, 10pm-2am
    • Gallery hours: Wed. 7pm -9pm, Sat. 1pm -5pm, Sun 1pm -5pm, and by appointment.

    Popular Hallucinations for the Home brings together the recent work of three artists whose paintings reach toward moments of semi-conscious hallucination. Moments that rise from the wanderings of the mind but are steadfastly present, electrified, and waiting. In various ways these painters seek to describe that which is “sensed,” “felt,” and sometimes “seen”; the kinds of apparitions, thoughts, and feelings that rise to the mind’s-eye just as one becomes enveloped in a story, when it is still possible to be rudely awakened by the world around.

    Michael Berryhill uses a mixture of found and invented imagery to create non-specific narratives often veering into the absurd and fantastical. His interest in drawing and line weaves into his work to reveal forms that are crammed with their own affecting energy.

    Mira Dancy’s recent work references the book itself, the way it communicates and draws you in. Intuitive and direct, her emotionally charged canvases are like small awakenings, resplendent with objects that are responsive and elucidating.

    Virginia Yount combines natural and artificial imagery to create mysterious diorama-like settings wherein one finds the relics of human presence. Charged with potential energy and fear, her work explores the distance between perceived and felt realities.

    Presented with writing by Karen Davidson Popular Hallucinations for the Home is also a small, collaborative text composed of fictional fragments from the life of the deliberately hermetic and oddly delusional “poet biologist,” Denver Montopolis.

    *** We also have new info up on the website: Nothing revelatory, but we do have a pretty complete schedule through August.

    Take care and keep up the good fight,
    Aaron Dubrow

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