2 comments on “Deja Vu

  1. ’bout man,
    I want say, “thank you” for letting the arts community know about so many wonderful art sites. I didn’t know about “Bad at sports” out of Chicago. Which has featured dynamic interviews with Kerry James Marshall and Rhona Hofffman. Any artist who comes to this site for infomation, should go and listen to these two giants in the art world. Again, keep moving in positive light!!

  2. DR,
    You are welcome.

    When I started this last year, I seriously thought someone(s) would be motivated to do the same and we’d end up with multiple sites for Austin information with different influences.
    I signed up for Rachel Koper’s email roundup, …might be good and then came Cantanker. They have a different perspective from me and with that, different responsibilities. As an aspiring artist (enough alliteration for ya?) I wanted to know what others think and are doing.
    And to take it to the next level, I wanted to know what other cities are doing to boost and maintain their arts communities.

    It pleases me to know that others are appreciating my sharing of information.
    Thank you

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