12 comments on “My Head Is Still Spinning!

  1. Thanks for the pointer. I downloaded it and copied to a cd I will be sharing with others.

    I count Kerry as a friend, we worked together for a couple years in the 80s as art movers. He’s a great guy and a real person.

    I had just been reading quotes from him and arguing about the idea spiners vs. the makers with a couple of grads.

    Did you know Adrian Piper is coming to talk in the art auditorium next week on the 9th? I think I will share Kerry’s interview with my drawing class before we go to the lecture. I wonder what Piper’s take on post-black is.

  2. I’ve got Rachel Harrison for the 14th, but no Adrian Piper.
    The calendar says time TBA, but is it safe to say it will be a 5pm lecture?
    If not, I would appreciate another heads up.

    Will there be a shuttle bus to and from Gallery 3? I wouldn’t want to miss the LLSP opening!
    Idea spinners vs makers? Wish I could have listened in on that.

    As much as art school is a fraud, I sure do miss it. Don’t forget to tell your students ‘BWIS hooked it up with the BAS link : ]

  3. Harrison lecture does start at 5, as does Piper’s. Piper is not part of the guest artist program, but a special something or other. Guess we will just have to catch the end of the LLSP opening.

    Yes, even frauds need company.

  4. He came to my school back in the mid nineties and gave a slide talk and critiqued my painting class. It was pretty awesome and inspiring – there was also a nice show of his large works before they got all comic-booky at a local college as well. I remember him being forecful, challenging and relentless – all good traits for an artist, and he’s been an influence ever since.

    The interview is a good find.

  5. Gallery 3 opening reception now changed to begin at 6:30 instead of 5:00 to mesh with Harrison lecture that should conclude at 6.

    Oh, and I just read a “letter” from K.J. Marshall to an anonymous student just gradulated. He compared art school to a crack house where everyone used the same pipe in blessfullness. I know how comfortable it was for all of us. We need to fight the addiction of needing that babying.

  6. Where does all of this misinformation come from? The Gallery 3 opening will begin at 5 pm on Thursday, November 9 as planned. The gallery talk has been moved *from* 5:30 *to* 6:30 in order to catch the post-Adrian Piper crowd. It should be a good one…
    Please let me know if the 6:30 start time for our reception is listed somewhere so I can be sure to get the listing changed.

  7. Amanda,

    Jamie W., when asked about the opening and the conflict with Adrain Piper’s talk, told me it was moved to 6:30.

    Maybe it was confusion about the Gallery 3 opening and it’s talk since ours was a swift conversation in the halls.

  8. “We need to fight the addiction of needing that babying.”

    I hope you don’t think I miss that part of the school. Sutherland’s directness and his challenges are why I chose to enroll in his classes specifically. Classes, plural.

    No, I miss listening in on conversations. Private ones were entertaining, but I was more interested in the art discussions the grads would have or the explanations the faculty would give. From Brant Watson and Erick Michaud’s chats about movies to Mogavero and Brauntuch’s histories in NY, I listened and absorbed all.

    It gets lonely in Blogdom and I feel creepy hovering around at openings.

  9. One must stay connected in some way. Finding a place where the dialog you miss continues is important. You have virtually found via blogging, But this wonderful and at the same time islolating way of comunication thru podcast, blogs, email listservs and such which misses a lot of what can happen between person to person, f2f. Digital dsplay is as useless as slides in respresenting the full experience of seeing the work in person. Tom Friedman had a good take on this in his op-ed piece in the NYTimes today about how technolgy can bring us together as well as divides us. http://tinyurl.com/ylxatj

    Openings are a peculiar combo of business and comunity. I think maybe must of us find something uncomfortable about them.

  10. Dammit RDA,
    That tiny URL doesn’t help if you don’t have TimesSelect.

    But I do agree with that idea. It is an opinion that began forming while attending a mini-conference, “State of the Arts”, for fine art career services offices of area colleges and universities. Ric Hernandez from TCA presented and provided evidence of the cultural shift away from digital media toward human interaction. Basically, theatre attendance was up and attributed to the onslaught of digital connection; phones, internet, PDAs, etc.

    Interestingly, I’ve always enjoyed listening to my elders’ conversations and stories.

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