2 comments on “More Art From Across the Nation

  1. Hey kid-

    Lots of good links there, a couple comments for your comment starved self:

    It was nice reading the artist as critic entry. I understand the spot you’re in, especially now with your paid gigs and printed voice showing up the past few months it makes the informality of being an artist critiquing a bit different, and you’re commonly referred to as some combination of words including ‘critic’. Look at how many people read this blog – and comment on it – and post their shows – artists are starved for attention, and any and all critical thought is welcome. It’s hard enough getting honest feedback from artists in town – where politeness seems to rule the day a lot. So keep at it, don’t fret and maybe you’ll wake up a few more days a week feeling a bit more comfortable about your lot in life that you seemed to have carved out for yourself.

    The second link was pretty good – had a slightly over-positive spin – isn’t that slogan some hippie crap from the 60’s??? – but overall I agreed with what was being said and I think artists being timid is just as bad as artists being lazy. I’d like to see more artists in this town doing better – and that includes the art shows taking place in houses, the ridiculous stuff I’ve put together – Gallery Lombardi, all the EAST side stuff – there’s always real good vibes and work with little payoff at the end. Maybe someday.

    Also, can people please stop calling art shows and stuff artists put together DIY??? I mean, it’s a small pet peeve of mine, but makes it sound like the artist is some sort of bad reality home improvement show. Every else self employed doesn’t get the DIY moniker – why should artists who have no choice but to pull a lot of crap together for themselves?

    I don’t know, I’m venting now, but alway enjoy checking in here.


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