7 comments on “Aug SeeSaws – Wks 2 & 3

  1. Sorry for being a bit slow on the uptake, but I just caught your above reviews of the Volitant shows, and wanted to chip in that I agree. While it seemed like there could have been a tie-in between the Long Drive South half of the show and Matt Rodriguez’s stuff, I think his work ended up being the much more interesting of the two (and at least fun to look at and genuinely playful). His travels from here to Chicago, to NYC, etc seem to mirror in reverse the drive south that the New York artists made to get here. Or maybe that’s just my brain grasping at themes that weren’t actually there…I wish his homemade “I don’t wanna grow up” speaker was working when I saw the show!

    I agree that much of the art in the Long Drive South seemed like it was trying a bit too hard to be Serious Outsider Art (which often equals, as you say, Bad Art). Lance de los Reyes’ drawings made me think he was aiming for a mashup of Daniel Johnston (the pop culture hero figure/Conan stuff) and James Joyce (the hermetic/Masonic imagery, familial relationships and oddly formed text), but missed the mark on both. That’s a shame, because that sounds like it should have worked! His execution didn’t help me bridge that gap between esoteric myth and pop culture. I’d like to see him work on a smaller scale, too, those pieces seemed more focused. I did really enjoy the paintings by Ginna Triplett, however. They remind me a lot of Arturo Herrera’s surreal Disney coloring book fragment paintings, and I like that she was working with ideas about body image, sexuality, and all of those good things. Extra credit, too, for using vinyl paints and carbon paper in a way that I haven’t seen (around here at least)!

    In any case, I’m glad Volitant’s here, always glad to have another gallery in town that is actively showing new stuff all the time. (Did you get the new email flyer for their next show? Is it just me, or do they seem to have a thing for symmetrically reflected art?? :)

  2. You’re right. Lucero, True Originals, and now U-Genics. All Austin-rooted female artists. At least Ms. Park only mirrored elements in her work, instead of mirroring the whole composition. When Ms. Lutz mirrored her works, they just became too stable and stale. It looks like that’s whats gonna be happening with Ms. Thomas. But, we’ll see.

    Mr. Rodriguez is genuine. There is a sincerity to his work that the other show didn’t even come close to hinting at. Just because they are from New York doesn’t mean anything. Texas isn’t as backwards as others would like us to think it is.

    I have to admit, my faith was shaken when Volitant lost their first curator/ director after the first two shows. Its been hit or miss ever since. I wonder if that is acceptable in such a commercial space. And I’m really curious to know if they are making money, ’cause they sure do like to spend it!

    Thanks for dropping some text Mr. Norwood.

  3. I was worried, too, but I’ve known Xochi for a number of years, and I just met Sean when we saw the Long Drive South, and I think they both have the motivation and excitement about art needed to pull it off. My girlfriend and I have our fingers crossed for them!

  4. Its a rocky start. And they aren’t out of the woods yet. I’ve got my ears to the ground for evidence of what the owners’ think of their venture.

    As always, your comments are appreciated Mr. Ohlerking. You keep this blog alive for me.

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