5 comments on “Making It Together – CRL

  1. Salvador, after reading your review of the show, I must tell you that I had a feeling of relief and a bit of satisfaction in having gotten mentioned in at least ONE review of the show. Wasn’t sure if I wanted to be mentioned at all after seeing how the piece came together in that show. The piece was quiet and lonely and your brief description and observation of the piece were on point. One correction I wanted to make, though it may not be of interest, the material is cast iron and not bronze. Anyway, thanks for taking notice.

  2. Sorry about that.
    I thought I might look like a freak if I was feeling up the artwork trying to figure out what it was made of. At least I knew it was a metal.

    First Aron Johnson’s “charcoal” and now your “bronze”. Looks like my practice of not reading wall text is becoming a problem.

  3. No problem, but it would have been funny as hell to see someone actually “feeling up” my piece, I would have loved it. And yes, you my might want to glance at wall text every now and again.

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