2 comments on “Coconuts – Art Palace

  1. yours was a better critique than might be good…. but, still i feel i should have shed some light on this darkness. DEATH (not my own physical, mental) of the spirit of modern mankind was the focus of these drawings, collages, and soundpiece. to be aware of the crudeness of it all is misunderstanding it. it is not supposed to be precious. one could spend more of his awakened hours on a masterful rendering of an emotion or scene, or come up with a newish clever way to take a base human idea and puke it into somewhere tangible, or not. but this show, for me, was about an instant communication with the world of the lifeless, us. i dont need to bother you with the details of our destruction of earth, our addiction to money, our obsession with fame, our complete lack of appreciation of the natural, and wondrous. my father told me while i was down there about this friend of his that went to some really deep jungle in south america, and climbed some mountain that no one had supposedly been, and as he and his guide were taking in the beautiful view, he looked upon the ground and it was littered with beer cans. he said,”son, that is the nature of man. we see something beautiful, and we want to piss on it.” you are already aware of our historical behaviors. this modern unhappy way is a sickness, we cannot rid ourselves of imagery and these ideas that have been driven into our unconsious minds. that is why a majority of our society need to self medicate, and turn to a reliance on mind numbing stimuli. but, i think this means we do see the goings on but, refuse to act according to our impulses. it was my impulse to create these things, but i cannot take take the credit. thank you for taking the time to review the show. a good review in my opinion, and the opinions of my collegues.

    samuel de la rosa
    of the vaunt-courier society/fellowship of hope
    sect:mouth of leaves
    sect:daughters humans

  2. I think I shared the same conclusion as …might be good, mine was just long-winded due to lack of word limits. But what else can I do but puff up my chest, concede and thank you?

    I’m glad you shed some light about your work. I definitely should have spent more time with it and the other works. I looked at it in relation to what the press release had set up as the objective for the show. And I think this review was about the curatorial effort. I always find it difficult to really investigate work in a group show.

    If you are in the minority of those who act upon their impulses, then I think you should take credit. Lead by example.

    Thanks for reading.
    Who are these colleagues you speak of, hmmmm?

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