7 comments on “More August Shows

  1. Time to drop the hammer on MXarte. no one is talking about the show, no media (magz, newspapers, no nada) was it that bad, I can’t say it was.

    I need more info (the artist talking) what’s next.
    I’m out dowg, tell me what you see.

  2. Wha??? You mean the media sponsors haven’t provided any coverage? Its a major institution in town, surely every media outlet was contacted with a press release. I mean, I’m just a one-man operation here so that’ s probably why I didn’t receive one.

    All sarcasm aside, I have it on good authority that the Chronicle will cover it soon. And not by me. I need to take care of some business (personal and art related) before I can get back in the writers chair. Believe me, I’ve got lots on my mind!

  3. As a matter of fact I did.
    But tonight’s the member’s preview, right? Tomorrow is the general opening?

    I got word that the Statesman, Chronicle and Austin Monthly will each soon be publishing reviews of the MXarte show.

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