6 comments on “May SeeSaws – Week 2 pt2

  1. Commenting on the Taking Back the West show at Bolm. I thought it was great. and it wasn’t just photography. You can’t leave 3/4’s of the show out of the review and still label it “BAD.” There were some really great paintings at the show.

  2. Paintings? Really? I might have some faint memory of a painting there. But this is why I am not fond of one night or two day shows. I am given no opportunity to revisit. In comparison, I visited an April show three times (in the span of six weeks) before finally writing about it in June.

    I’m glad you were able to enjoy the show. But my opinion stands. I just don’t remember feeling it that night. Neither a particular piece nor the whole show grabbed my attention. And the postcard didn’t help jog my memory either as I don’t recall that image from any of the work in the show.

  3. i’m just saying you should learn how to write a proper review if you’re gonna be writing reviews because not commenting on the entire show is just either bad note taking or pure neglegence. big no-no. i guess you’re a photographer, yes?

  4. I’m not a photographer and I don’t take notes. Whatever sticks in my memory is what gets written about. And I have written plenty of proper reviews. I’m assuming you were in the show and you’re taking offense.

    I’m sorry. but I’m one guy trying to cover all of Austin’s art scene. I got behind during May and I’m trying to catch up. Your show was a casualty. Take it in stride, at least I acknowledged your show existed. Keep making work and I’ll keep working on my writing skills.

  5. no need to take offense i was just making assumptions. no, i wasn’t in the show and i’m not an artist…i’m a journalist. so yeah, keep working on your writing skills and just for some constructive crit…traditionally, when you’re covering an event it’s pretty much standard to cover it in full…but i bet you already knew that dincha?

  6. What kinda journalist?
    Yes I do know that. Like I said, I fell behind during May. If you're in Austin then you should be familiar with the arts coverage situation. If you're not, then check out Cantanker.com. They've pretty much got that story covered.

    My kid sister once said, "You shouldn't assume.  'Cause then you make an ass of you and I." I guess we were both guilty of that.  And feel free to go through my archives. You just might find some proper reviews. Thanks for visiting and trying to keep me on the up-and-up.

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