4 comments on “The Floating Chair – Design Within Reach

  1. I agree with your distinctions; they create both context and specificity for the things which fall under their umbrellas. Classification, as you speculate, is not always harmful.

  2. I was adamant about making it clear that the show I curated a couple weeks ago, Escape Hatch, was a graphic design show, not a fine art show. Almost all the artists/designers used some form of traditional printmaking, and I had a couple of visitors ask me why I didn’t call it a printmaking show. Most of the pieces did blur the line between fine art and design, in terms of composition, media and reproduceability. But my aim was to show how graphic design was used as a creative process, not about the execution of the works shown. I also wanted to demonstrate the influence of design on contemporary fine art. Because that was communicated from the beginning, the show was a hit and not too many people seemed confused by it.

  3. Hi Rachelle,
    I am sorry to say that I was unable to attend your exhibition. Or the one at Bolm that weekend either.
    Elise had mentioned to me a while back about putting on a show. I wonder if this was the same one. Sorry I missed it. I’m a baaaad-boy.

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