2 comments on “We’ve Got Some Late Entries Folks!

  1. Boutman,
    I likes it. You write good. See, you can never be “translatable” if you only write in sentence fragments and e-speak. And don’t forget Okay Mountain tomorrow night. Also, there’s some performances in the New Gallery at 7 and something neat-o at the CRL with a Brazilian filmmaker. All tomorrow night. You’ve got a lot of work to do. I’ll flash the Bout signal for you.
    Keep on keepin on.

  2. Citizen Fitzgerald,
    Finally I have a worthy identity to don when I wish to escape the rusty lifestyle of no-game, broke-ass Salvador Castillo. As the newly christened ‘Boutman, I must inform you that I am well aware of each event you describe.

    Okay Mounatin has been listed in the past two “full” listings. I shall remedy the CRL event soon, but I am unable to officially sanction the New Gallery. I’ll mention that you mentioned it, but unfortunately I will be unable to attend. My apologies to Ms. Winger-Bearskin (see I knows ’bout it).


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