6 comments on “Eric Gibbons: Outer Limits – Art Palace

  1. I thought of Mannerism because of how Mr. Gibbons added elements such as the braces. I know that doesn't really add beauty but instead adds to the awkwardness?

    And I thought of Cubism because of how some of the images tend to begin to fall apart or be erased and in "Billy Dreamer" in particular, the multiple perspective presented by the reversed nose.

    Okay, I just looked up Mannerism. Maybe that was a bad interpretation.
    Thanks for pointing that out.

  2. I was curious about were in the work you happened to see those references, and was not sure if you meant one or the other, or if i was supposed to connect the two together somehow.
    I tend to think of Mannerist painting as a display of individual technical virtuosity, and often the use of “unpalatable” colors, dramatic figural getures, etc. so maybe the connection is a bit of a stretch, maybe not… The work in the exhibition seems more indebted to current painting trends rather than historical ones.

  3. Definitely more current trends are present. Thats why I need to go back and try to get around the Star Wars. I mentioned Mannerist and Cubist because that’s what came to mind as I looked.

    His landscapes are more recognizable to me as following current trends. I know there are others, but Nina Rizzo is the only association I can think of right now.

  4. so… i know this is really late to comment on, but i was looking at some of eric’s paintings in his studio and then nina’s online (the few that ARE online) and am thinking of landscape painting myself, so i’m curious about the “current painting trends” that are referenced here. what else is out there right now that is about these drugy sort of landscape/architectural scapes? tell’s me bout what you knows.

  5. R

    This blog is about what I sees not what I knows! Seriously though, give me another week and I’ll tell you what I think. Short answer would be to look at Dana Schutz and how she handles paint/imagery.

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