3 comments on “Re: Robert Therrien

  1. Frozen

    Back in the 80’s I worked as a art handler in Los Angeles and went to Therrien’s studioo a couple of times. My opinion of his art is very colored by what a kind and genrous person he is, compaired to many asshole artists that I delt with on that job who will be nameless.

    Anyway, one of my favorite things he made was a snow man. The version I remember was three alulminum balls stacked each one a bit smaller than the one under it.

  2. So do you think I am close in my assessment? Does the process looked covered up? Does frozen mean I hit on something?

    I was also thinking that the frozen motion might relate to memory and how we remember things in a certain way. Frozen in time as it were.

  3. Yes probably frozen is probably a good adjective.

    He’s a bit like Jasper Johns, at least the early Johns, but with personal clues, which Johns for a long time did not reveal.

    That his drawings worked their way via a computer, which is not obvious, is definitely covered up,

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