2 comments on “Boundless – DAC

  1. Salvador Castillo:

    I agree with you nearly 90%. Placing the work differently is an inspired thought and I think it is not too late to make that experiment. If it were my gallery I would try it, primarily because I think the configuration of that corner makes it hard to see my paintings because of the seats for viewing the video gives people less space to stand back from my works. And because they turn a corner and are seen together. The videos could have had a seating area and space by itself.

    I just won First Prize (out of nearly 1200 entries) in the 9th International Open at Woman Made Gallery (www.womanmade.org) in Chicago juried by the art critic Margaret Hawkins, Artnews, Chicago Sun-Times and a teacher at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago. I stopped by the gallery on my way to do a panel discussion about my work at Intuit Gallery two days ago and my work had been re-arranged. The gallery director asked if I had changed it. I had not, but someone decided my 4-part installation needed another configuration and did it!

    Through my work, aside from trying to make good paintings I am trying to find a way to say that it is important to recognize and honor ordinary African Americans as much as we do Rosa Parks, Barbara Jordan, Shirley Chisholm etc. (some of the women under the haze in Vicki Meek’s work).

    Your comments give me a thoughtful point of view to consider and an honest evaluation of what you saw.
    Since my art does not come with a sound track (although I am considering having them speak via audio tape) I am grateful to know that it speaks to people as images only.

    Thanks for the review.

    Best wishes,

  2. Congratulations Ms. Owens,

    That’s another gallery I will put down for my itinerary. I am originally from Chicago and intend to visit my siblings during the holidays. While I am there I want to check out as many of the places that I have been keeping tabs on from here in Austin.

    I think I need to make a third visit to the DAC and will keep in mind the reorganization of your work. I just love it when an artist reassuresme that I can get an accurate read on their artwork. I don’t know if it was my visual training or my knowledge of black history, but when I saw your figures I noticed the humble representations. Even though they were elevated on pedestals, they were very much grounded. I was expecting something like Vicki Meek’s work.

    I feel like maybe I glossed over your work in my review, but I definitely want to revisit, because I do have so much to write about. I am trying to streamline my work process so that I can do as much reviewing as possible. I’ll do my best to get my second round of thoughts posted soon.

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