2 comments on “The Zuraach Collective: Where Earth Meets Sky – Flatbed Press/ CRL

  1. I do not agree with you at all. If you had been there you would have heard all the great speakers and met the photographer. Ashley St. Clair has beautiful work and there are few people with an eye like hers. You shouldn’t comment on things you don’t know about. If you weren’t there then you have no basis for what you said.

  2. Hi Ms. Haar,

    Its okay. I am not asking that you agree with me. Just to consider how the audience might experience the show.

    It sounds like the opening event went well. Like I said, I didn’t attend.
    What I did experience were the leftovers. The works in the gallery were Ms. St. Clair’s photos. They were good photos. But I would argue that there are plenty of photographers with the talent that she demonstrates. They may not focus on the same subjects or work in the same industry, but they’re out there. You’d be amazed at how many artists are trying to get a piece of the pie.

    I try my best not to comment on things I don’t know about. That’s why I do comment on what I sees. The opening event may have been the best damn thing in the world, I don’t know. But as an art exhibition, which I understood it to be, it was BAD. That ‘s why I suggested better organization next time. If what I experienced was closer to the opening night, maybe some info on what happened, then I might have had a different feel for it. As it was, I remember the photos looked abandoned in that gallery. If the speakers and performances were the focus, then maybe a weekend show would have been enough, instead of the month long exhibit that it was.

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